Concrete Cutting

Wall sawing, slab sawing, coring and hand sawing are our 4 areas of concrete cutting that we do.  We can handle any type of job that you can throw at us.  See our other services for more information on each one.

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Concrete Coring

Coring holes through concrete floors or concrete walls, if we can get access to it then we can core it.

You need a hole for Plumbing, Drainage, HVAC, Electrical, Venting, Handrails, Fencing, we have the equipment necessary for nearly any core drilling job.  We can core up to 12” in dia and 36” in depth.  Special request is available for larger sizes.

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Concrete Slab Cutting

Warehouse floor cutting is our specialty.  Can cut any size trench for a plumbing re-re or any slab cutting that you need. Cutting suspended slabs is also possible providing our saw can be lifted up safely and there is a plan in place to get the concrete out safely.

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Concrete Wall Cutting

Our hydraulic wall sawing equipment makes quick work for windows or doors or for and the wall that’s in your way.  We can cut up to 12” thick.

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Asphalt Cutting

We are fully mobile with portable water which makes it easy to cut asphalt anywhere, anytime.  We can cut any size trench you need for civil services or parking lot patching.  Can cut up to 15” thick.

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Green Cutting/Control Cutting

It's important to cut your expansion joints in green concrete within 1 or 2 days to control the cracking.  Give us a call, we can take care of it for you.

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Concrete Removal and Disposal

For any of our jobs, we can provide a full service if you need the concrete removed from the site.  We can get a bin dropped off, we will load if for you and get the bin picked up.  No hassle for you!

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House Foundation Cutting

Need a window or door cut out?  Foundation cutting is our specialty, we make sure your house is protected inside before we start cutting.  We can also take the concrete away, it’s up to you.

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For heavier concrete or for a tighter space where cutting might not be an option, we can break it up into small pieces with our hydraulic jackhammering equipment.

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Slurry Control

City Concrete Cutting is a proud Distributor of Gelmaxx Slurry Solutions & Excess Water Management Products. We offer Eco-Quickgel and AQUAmaxx which are designed to help deal with concrete slurry and excess water that may be contaminated in an environmentally responsible way. These products are EPA approved and the treated slurry or water can be disposed of in regular garbage or in a landfill.

These products are a more efficient way of dealing with concrete slurry, they are not only environmentally friendly but they can save you time and money as well. Please check out the links below for more information.

Find out more about Eco-Quickgel

Find out more about AQUAmaxx

See videos on how these products will help your business

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Driveway Removal

Is your driveway cracked and uneven?  We can cut or break it up and take it away for you.  We can also help set you up to get it re-poured.

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Epoxy Coating

Coming soon.

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